By hosting our own SaaS platform, we can ensure maximum stability, timely troubleshooting, and an extremely responsive user experience. Give your clients the potential to achieve maximum results using software that completely understands them.

Rock-solid technology that allows you to launch your brokerage quickly and effortlessly
Uniquely customizable business model with the capacity to add new modules and tools for more profit
Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge
Seamless updates bring you the latest software developments and innovations
Specific protocols and real-time monitoring with guaranteed data security

From OpenGL to Metal

We follow the latest technological requirements from rapidly evolving leaders in mobile manufacturing, demanding new approaches to development. Our trading app contains both OpenGL and Metal technologies with seamless motion between them so the app adapts to any mobile device, even if it’s an older model.

Native Application
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Great battery life
  • Great visuals with Direct3D 11 and Metal
  • Smooth frame rates on a wide variety of devices
  • Single source base with the native application - features are always in sync
  • Rapid release cycle
  • Desktop trade room on iPad
  • Great scalability and reliability
  • Reduced hardware costs