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Don’t sell your clients to brokers. Become a broker yourself.

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All-in-One White-Label Brokerage Solution

Focus on your traffic, we’ll handle the rest.

Quadcode Brokerage Solution empowers brokers by seamlessly integrating all essential operational functions: 90% of the work is efficiently done by us.

We take care of all the vital processes, allowing you to focus on the core business of providing exceptional services to your clients.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Build your Quadcode-powered trading platform.
Use our customization options to launch the brokerage platform you have in mind.
Offer your customers the perfect trading experience.
Use your channels (Google Adwords, YouTube, etc.) to drive traffic to your website and get new clients.
Get the profit!
Focus on growing your earnings. We’ll make sure your clients have an excellent time trading.
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Make Your Brand Stand Out

Add a personal touch to your traderoom, choosing a logo, color scheme, and available tools.

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  • Interface skin
  • Trading tools
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Build the Trading Platform You Have in Mind
With Forex, CFDs on stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities & more, you can create the perfect broker for any trader. We offer an advanced toolset, including Stop Loss/Take Profit, Pending Order, Trailing Stop, portfolio management & technical analysis tools.

Why Quadcode?

Because starting your brokerage business has never been easier!

Zero extra fees

Pay once for a comprehensive turnkey brokerage.

Top software solutions

Your clients will enjoy exceptionally high uptime & our golden standards of fintech.

Ultimate flexibility

Comply with any market requirements and broker specs.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I really get 100% of the revenue?

Yes, of course. As both business owner and brand owner, you receive 100% of the earnings from your traders and only pay us for our software.

Do I have to buy anything else to start my brokerage?

You don’t need to purchase anything else, you just need to create your own website. That’s it. We take care of liquidity, feeds and KYC, back-office, SMS and email fees entirely. So you won’t have any extra payments for operating your own business.

I don’t have trading expertise. Can I still open a broker?

The most important thing is to be a businessman, not a trader. We provide our expert consultation and support at every stage of operating your own brokerage business. Focus on being an entrepreneur. We take care of everything else.

Do I have to run the backoffice myself?

We take care of the operational and technical side of the brockerage entirely. You don’t need to have your own backoffice.

Do I need to build a team and infrastructure?

You are only responsible for three aspects of your business: Attracting customers, offering customer support, and of course, generating profit. We take care of all other aspects of your brokerage business. You don’t need to hire additional staff. .

What brokerage business model do you support?

We are completely flexible. In this regard, we offer A-Book, Hybrid, or B-Book business models.

Do I need a broker license?

You need to comply with the regulatory requirements of the country where you plan to conduct your brokerage business. If the laws of the country require a brokerage business license, you must have that license. If there are no such requirements, then there is no need.