Team Members
Quadcode boasts a team of over 200 highly skilled coders, engineers, and fintech experts. This extensive team brings diverse expertise and knowledge to every project, ensuring the development of top-notch trading software solutions.
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Years of Expertise
With more than 10 years of industry experience, Quadcode has honed its skills and knowledge in the trading software domain. This extensive expertise enables us to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.
Launched Brokers in 2023
Quadcode has successfully launched over 20 brokers that operate worldwide. This track record demonstrates our ability to deliver effective solutions and provide brokers with the necessary tools to thrive in the global market.
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Quadcode is a recognized leader as an award-winning white label brokerage solution provider. Our expertise and innovation makes us a trusted choice for businesses entering the brokerage industry.

Next-Generation Trading Platform

Provide your traders smooth and seamless trading experience with state of art trading platform

One-click trading

Leverage trading

Up to 9 charts
to display

100+ indicators


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Full-Scale Back Office

Seize complete control over your brokerage with one-stop back office solution

Customers, admins, and IBs
management with ease

Integrated with leading global
KYC providers

ticket support system

Powerful CRM
for marketing and sales

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The Deepest Liquidity In The Market

Get connected to any pre-integrated liquidity provider

6 Markets

800 Instruments

Ultra-fast execution

Don't even think about development!

Let us do it right for you!


$ 20.000

Web-Mobile Traderoom
Quotes & Liquidity
Dealing desk
Intergrated PSPs
Technical SMS
Technical emails
iOS app
Android app
Affiliate Module
Sales Module
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$ 30.000

Web-Mobile Traderoom
Quotes & Liquidity
Dealing desk
Intergrated PSPs
Technical SMS
Technical emails
iOS app
Android app
Affiliate Module
Sales Module
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NexGen White Label Brokerage Platform

Quadcode SaaS - Starting your own brokerage has never been easier. Get your brokerage up and running in just 2 weeks with a hassle-free, cost-effective solution.

Quadcode at iFX Expo International 2023

White Label Trading Platform - Explore the highlights of Quadcode's presence at iFX Expo Cyprus. Discover how our white label solution can simplify your journey to launch a hassle-free brokerage business from start to finish in just a matter of weeks.

How to Start a White Label Brokerage Firm From Scratch?

Quadcode Webinar - Ever wondered how to launch your very own brokerage business from the ground up? Look no further! In this informative webinar, we dive deep into the essential steps and strategies for launching your own white label brokerage firm from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How to start brokerage firm?

To start a brokerage business, find a reputable trading platform provider, enter into a white label partnership agreement, customize the platform to your brand, and then launch your brokerage by marketing your services to potential clients. At Quadcode, we provide hassle-free and cost-effective solution for launching your own brokerage business

I don’t have trading expertise can I still open broker?

The most important thing is to be a businessman, not a trader. We provide our expert consultation and support at every stage of operating your own brokerage business. Focus on being an entrepreneur. We take care of everything else.

How much does white label brokerage cost?

The cost of a white label brokerage ranges from around $25,000 to $50,000, depending on the technical specifications you need. Prices vary based on customization level, model, liquidity, back office, payment gates and other specific platform features.

Do I need to build a team and infrastructure?

You are only responsible for three aspects of your business: Attracting customers, offering customer support, and of course, generating profit. We take care of all other aspects of your brokerage business. You don’t need to hire additional staff.

What brokerage business model do you support?

We are completely flexible. In this regard, we offer A-Book, Hybrid, or B-Book business models.

Do I need a broker license?

You need to comply with the regulatory requirements of the country where you plan to conduct your brokerage business. If the laws of the country require a brokerage business license, you must have that license. If there are no such requirements, then there is no need.

Can I style the trading platform to my brand?

Yes, we provide a fully customizable solution, allowing you to add your personal touch to your traderoom, choosing a logo, color scheme, and available tools.

Do you provide liquidity and can I connect other liquidity providers?

We offer pre-connected top-tier liquidity and quote providers; however, you can connect to other LPs of your choice.

What advantages your platform has comparing to MT4/MT5?

Our platform stands out with its modern and user-friendly design, ensuring a comprehensive and smooth user experience for traders.

Can I connect other PSPs?

Yes, you can connect other Payment Service Providers (PSPs), but it is essential that the chosen payment system holds a valid license.