Forex CRM & Back Office Software for Brokers

Seize complete control over your brokerage with a comprehensive one-stop back office solution

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One-stop back office solution for brokers. Simplify operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth effortlessly. Streamline everything from client management to compliance in one powerful platform

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What’s inside QBS Back Office?


With Quadcode's Back Office, you are equipped with the right tools to manage your brokerage, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most - your clients and your business growth.

Sales CRM

Reports module

User Communication

Affiliate System

Marketing Communication


Broker-oriented sales module for managing leads with ease. Increase your close rate with advanced sales tools:

Modern telephony
Custom triggers configuration
Customer journey from lead to retention


Monitor and analyze trading activity with wide range of built-in features:

Trading history
User cards
Account summary
In / Out Summary

User communication

Enhance customer satisfaction by interacting with your users and delivering comprehensive support.

Incoming calls
Ticketing system

Marketing communication

Empower client engagement with integrated retention tools. Create marketing campaigns and analyze performance through advanced analytics.

Utilize email, push and pop-up notifications
Grow with a 20% conversion rate using proven tactics
Get insights via pre-integrated web and mobile tracking systems

Affiliate system

Unlock the potential for revenue growth with our powerful affiliate modules.

IB Module


A vital components of our back office solution, managed from our end.

Dealing and antifraud


KYC. AML. Compliance.

Dealing and antifraud

Set aside dealing and risk management and concentrate solely on user acquisition.

Fraud/Abuse detection & management
Flexible spreads and commissions policies
Optimal trading conditions and fast processing
Wide range of available Instruments


Obtain everything with our billing system, which is crafted to be flexible and hassle-free.

Access 100+ PSPs out of the box
Create payments methods
Restricts payment methods

KYC. AML. Compliance

Simplify client verification and compliance with our KYC module, ensuring security and trust.

Integrated with leading KYC providers
Multi-level KYC
Documents constructor
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is forex crm?

Forex CRM and Back Office help brokers manage customers, admins, and affiliates all in one platform. They bring together features like KYC, Payments, Sales, Marketing, giving complete control over the brokerage.

How to choose the best crm for brokers?

An effective CRM solution should encompass modules for Sales, Reports, UCC, Marketing, and Affiliate, while also addressing Dealing, Billing, and KYC aspects.

Can I connect other PSPs?

Yes, you can connect other Payment Service Providers (PSPs), but it is essential that the chosen payment system holds a valid license.

Do you provide affiliate module?

Yes, we prove a ready-to-go brokerage infrastructure that comes complete with an included affiliate module.

Can I request extra features development?

Yes, you can request the development of additional features. We are eager to provide a flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Can we run several brands under one CRM?

Yes, you can manage several brokerage brands under one back office solution.

Can I arrange hosting on my side?

No, it's not possible. We ensure a 99% SLA guarantee, which is why the entire infrastructure is hosted on our servers.