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Top 15 Forex Affiliate Programs with Best Offers in 2024

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May 2, 2024
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May 3, 2024
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    As the Forex market continues to expand, the opportunities for affiliate marketers follow suit, presenting lucrative possibilities for those looking to capitalize on this financial trend. Forex affiliate programs offer a gateway to benefit from the industry’s growth by promoting broker services and securing commissions from referred traders. In 2024, many programs promise attractive earnings, but some stand out more than others due to their superior offers, robust support systems, and innovative partnership structures. This article explores the top 15 Forex affiliate programs, each providing unique advantages designed to optimize affiliates’ earning potential and strategic positioning in the Forex trading landscape.

    Top 15 Forex Affiliate Programs with Best Offers in 2024

    • IQ Option
    • Exness
    • Etoro
    • Exnova
    • Vantage
    • AvaTrade
    • Admiral Markets
    • XM
    • Eightcap Partners
    • RoboForex
    • XTB
    • FxPro
    • BlackBull
    • easyMarkets
    • HF Markets

    IQ Option Affiliate Program Overview

    IQ Option boasts one of the Forex market’s most attractive affiliate programs, offering an unrivaled revenue share of up to 70% for life. This opportunity has enabled top affiliates to earn upwards of $300,000 per month, supported by comprehensive tools, including multilingual support and extensive marketing materials, enhancing their capacity to target and convert a global audience.

    Key Features of the IQ Option Affiliate Program

    IQ Option provides consistent bi-weekly payments, with top-10 affiliates enjoying the privilege of requesting unlimited withdrawals. The program supports a range of payment methods, such as Wire Transfer, Skrill, and Neteller, catering to affiliates globally. A standout feature is the use of advanced IP detection technology to optimize traffic routing and a real-time analytics dashboard that allows affiliates to fine-tune their marketing strategies effectively.

    The IQ Option affiliate program is distinguished by its high earning potential, strong support structure, and cutting-edge technology, making it a premier choice for affiliates looking to excel in the Forex affiliate marketplace.

    Exness Affiliate Program Overview

    Exness stands out as a reputable CFD, crypto, and Forex broker. It adheres to stringent regulations set by authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Renowned for its low trading fees and a diverse selection of platforms, including MetaTrader and proprietary options, Exness combines credibility with trader-friendly features.

    Key Features of the Exness Affiliate Program

    Exness offers one of the highest commission rates in the Forex affiliate market, with up to $1,850 available per referred active client, further sweetened with bonuses for top performers. A standout feature of Exness is its daily payment system—a rarity that ensures swift access to earnings and enhances liquidity for affiliates. The program’s entry barrier is low, with a minimum deposit requirement of just $10, appealing to a broad spectrum of potential clients.

    With its combination of high payouts, daily commissions, and strong regulatory foundations, the Exness affiliate program is an excellent choice for marketers aiming to maximize their earnings while promoting a trusted trading platform.

    eToro Affiliate Program Overview

    eToro is globally acclaimed for its diverse trading platform that offers options such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. Supporting over 19 languages and providing access to over 3,000 trading instruments, eToro services a vast user base of over 30 million traders, making it a highly attractive platform globally.

    Key Features of the eToro Affiliate Program

    eToro’s affiliate program is flexible, offering variable commission rates customized based on the affiliate’s geographic and demographic specifics. This customization enables affiliates to negotiate terms that align perfectly with their audience and strategy. The program is supported by advanced tracking systems and high-conversion tools to maximize campaign performance. Additionally, affiliates benefit from the dedicated support of a personal account manager, which simplifies the complexities of affiliate marketing.

    eToro’s affiliate program is ideal for marketers looking to promote a diverse and extensive trading platform. It offers customizable commissions and strong affiliate support to ensure success in the competitive financial trading market.

    Exnova Affiliate Program Overview

    Exnova is notable in the online trading platform market for its robust trading services and affiliate program, which are designed to maximize financial marketers’ earnings. The program provides a lucrative opportunity with diverse commission structures, a flexible payment system, and extensive support tools that help affiliates succeed.

    Key Features of the Exnova Affiliate Program

    Exnova offers a dual-commission approach to accommodate various affiliate needs. The Revenue Share option can yield up to 70% in commissions, which increases with the number of First-Time Depositors (FTDs) within the last 30 days, incentivizing affiliates to drive high-quality and consistent traffic. Alternatively, the CPA model provides up to $500 per client, depending on the client’s geographic location and their deposit activities during the first week, which is ideal for targeting high-value clients. Bi-weekly payments ensure regular income and motivated affiliates can opt for manual withdrawals once certain financial thresholds are met, encouraging active participation and high performance.

    Exnova’s affiliate program offers a comprehensive package that effectively empowers affiliates to leverage the growing online trading market. With its flexible commission models and strong support system, including innovative incentives like a 100% deposit bonus for new clients referred by affiliates, Exnova positions its partners for significant financial success.

    Vantage Affiliate Program Overview

    Vantage stands out in the global CFD broker market with its comprehensive trading platform that supports over 1,000 products, including Forex, commodities, and stocks. Boasting over 900,000 clients and a monthly trading volume exceeding $200 billion, Vantage offers zero deposit fees and a sophisticated mobile app, enabling clients to trade anytime, anywhere. This wide accessibility makes Vantage highly attractive to both traders and affiliates.

    Key Features of the Vantage Affiliate Program

    Vantage offers a competitive affiliate program catering to a diverse group, including fund managers, signal providers, influencers, and website owners from over 150 countries. The program features two main commission models: a traditional CPA affiliate program that pays up to $800 for each successful referral, ideal for affiliates skilled at attracting new sign-ups, and an introducing broker program that provides up to an $8 rebate per lot traded by referred traders, which suits those with a strong trader-following. These models ensure flexibility and substantial earning potential for affiliates.

    Vantage’s affiliate program is designed to maximize affiliates’ earning potential through flexible commission structures and extensive market reach. With a platform known for its high trading volume and comprehensive product offerings, Vantage is an excellent choice for affiliates looking to capitalize on the Forex and CFD trading industry.

    AvaTrade Affiliate Program Overview

    AvaTrade is a prominent global CFD and Forex trading platform, available in over 20 languages and regulated across multiple jurisdictions, including Canada and the British Virgin Islands. It serves over one million returning clients and offers a broad spectrum of trading instruments such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. Accessible on various devices through MetaTrader 4 and 5 and its proprietary AvaTradeGO mobile app, AvaTrade caters to a wide range of trading needs.

    Key Features of the AvaTrade Affiliate Program

    AvaTrade’s affiliate program, AvaPartner, features a lifetime cookie duration, highlighting its commitment to long-term affiliate benefits. While specific commission details are not public, AvaTrade claims to offer highly competitive commission structures, with over $250 million paid out to date. AvaPartner supports several payment models, including CPA, Revenue Share, and Hybrid, each designed to suit different affiliate preferences and strategies.

    AvaTrade’s AvaPartner program offers attractive features such as a lifetime cookie duration and a promise of competitive commissions. It is backed by a strong regulatory framework and global reach, making it an appealing option for affiliates seeking a reliable trading platform with substantial support and flexible payment options.

    Admiral Markets Affiliate Program Overview

    Admiral Markets is renowned for offering clients a wide range of trading options, including over 8,000 markets and 80+ CFDs on currency pairs. The platform is particularly favored by novice traders for its tight spreads, quick transaction processes, and user-friendly trading platforms like MetaTrader 5 and WebTrader. It also offers a wealth of educational resources, including tutorial videos and a free demo account, making it an attractive choice for beginners.

    Key Features of the Admiral Markets Affiliate Program

    Admiral Markets offers a compelling affiliate program with a commission of up to $600 per referred client, one of the more competitive rates in the Forex market. The program includes various marketing tools, such as optimized banners, widgets, email templates, and customized landing pages, designed to help affiliates convert leads into sales effectively.

    Admiral Markets distinguishes itself by supporting its affiliates with competitive commissions, extensive tools, and educational resources. This makes it an ideal platform for affiliates committed to promoting a reputable and accessible Forex trading platform.

    XM Affiliate Program Overview

    XM operates a prominent Forex and CFD trading platform, facilitating access to over 1,000 trading instruments via the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. It caters to a broad range of Forex traders with over 50 currency pairs and is known for its tight spreads and absence of requotes. XM enhances trading experiences with tools like advanced charting, over 90 trading indicators, and free access to extensive Forex market research and daily webinars.

    Key Features of the XM Affiliate Program

    XM’s CPA program is attractive due to its high commission potential, offering up to $650 per referred client who signs up and deposits, with additional bonuses for high-volume affiliates reaching up to $10,500. Commissions are paid weekly, ensuring consistent and timely income for affiliates, which supports effective cash flow management.

    XM stands out in the affiliate market with its strong commission offers and robust support structure, making it an excellent choice for affiliates looking to promote a well-resourced and globally accessible trading platform.

    Eightcap Partners Affiliate Program Overview

    Eightcap is renowned as a leading CFD provider, facilitating access to over 800 trading instruments with low spreads and no commissions. A unique asset of Eightcap is its AI-powered economic calendar, driven by a sophisticated big data engine that helps traders understand the implications of over 1,000 macroeconomic events. This feature enhances traders’ ability to make informed decisions by simplifying complex financial data through user-friendly visualizations.

    Key Features of the Eightcap Partners Affiliate Program

    Eightcap is noted for its competitive affiliate terms, though specifics are often not publicized. It offers commissions of $6 per lot, with additional revenue share possibilities. This framework supports robust earning potential, backed by a 40% conversion rate, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in turning referred traffic into active accounts. Eightcap’s focus on social media influencers through a dedicated program broadens its appeal to those with a strong online presence.

    Eightcap distinguishes itself with innovative trading tools and an affiliate-friendly commission model, making it an excellent choice for affiliates, especially those leveraging social media influence, looking to enhance their earnings in the Forex and CFD markets.

    RoboForex Affiliate Program Overview

    RoboForex stands out in the financial trading sector, offering 0% commissions, instant withdrawals, and a selection across eight asset classes. It features over 40 currency pairs with tight spreads and ultra-fast execution speeds as low as 0.1 seconds. Traders can access well-known platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5 and RoboForex’s MobileTrader and StocksTrader platforms, enhancing user experience with various trading tools.

    Key Features of the RoboForex Affiliate Program

    RoboForex offers a unique, percentage-based revenue share scheme that differentiates it from typical fixed-cash commission Forex programs. The affiliate program includes a traditional marketing program with a revenue share of up to 70%, supplemented by a “loyalty program” that can add up to 20% in bonuses based on monthly revenue. For affiliates with large networks, the expert program offers a 35% revenue share on direct referrals plus an additional 10%-20% from the commissions of recruited affiliates, ideal for those looking to generate significant passive income.

    RoboForex excels with its innovative commission structures and quick transaction features, making it highly appealing for affiliates, especially those keen on exploiting the benefits of multi-level marketing.

    XTB Affiliate Program Overview

    XTB is a leading European CFD and Forex broker, boasting over 847,000 clients and offering various trading instruments, including Forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Known for its robust educational offerings, XTB provides a comprehensive video library that helps traders of all experience levels enhance their trading skills and decision-making.

    Key Features of the XTB Affiliate Program

    XTB’s affiliate program, with its flexible commission models, is designed to accommodate various affiliate marketing styles. The standard Forex affiliate program offers up to $600 CPA for each new European client, while the Spreadshare model extends a 20% commission for referrals outside the EU, broadening the earning potential across global markets. The program is supported by dedicated account managers who help affiliates refine their strategies and maximize their campaign outcomes.

    XTB’s affiliate program is distinguished by its generous commissions, comprehensive support, and expansive educational resources, making it an appealing choice for affiliates aiming to reach a diverse trading audience.

    FxPro Affiliate Program Overview

    FxPro is recognized as a leading Forex broker with over 20 years of experience, serving clients in more than 170 countries and holding over 105 international awards. It provides a superior trading environment where users can trade CFDs on more than 70 currency pairs with fast execution and competitive spreads. The platform’s robust mobile app supports trading on the go and has been downloaded over five million times, highlighting its popularity and functionality.

    Key Features of the FxPro Affiliate Program

    The FxPro affiliate program rewards affiliates with up to 55% of the spread revenue, which can amount to as much as $1,100 per referred client, making it one of the most lucrative programs in the Forex sector. The program supports affiliates with various exclusive marketing materials, such as banners and widgets, designed to facilitate effective promotions and enhance users’ trading experience.

    The FxPro affiliate program combines substantial earning opportunities with a well-established trading platform known for its technological advancements and global reach. It’s an ideal choice for affiliates eager to partner with a reputable broker that supports innovative trading solutions. However, an active FxPro account must participate, ensuring that affiliates genuinely engage with the platform they promote.

    BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program Overview

    BlackBull Markets is celebrated for its superior execution speeds and vast trading options. It provides access to over 80 markets and more than 26,000 instruments. Notably, no minimum deposit is required to start trading, which enhances the platform’s appeal and eases new client acquisition for affiliates.

    Key Features of the BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program

    The BlackBull Markets affiliate program offers one of the highest CPAs in the Forex sector, up to $1,000 per referral, contributing to its popularity among over 20,000 active partners. Additionally, the program features a two-tier earning system, which allows affiliates to earn a 10% commission on earnings from referred sub-affiliates, providing an appealing passive income opportunity.

    BlackBull Markets’ affiliate program is ideal for affiliates looking to maximize their earnings through a reputable Forex broker known for its high performance and extensive market access. The platform’s generous commission rates and innovative earning structures offer substantial incentives for both new and seasoned affiliates.

    easyMarkets Affiliate Program Overview

    Founded in 2001, easyMarkets revolutionized online Forex trading with innovations like credit card funding. Known for its transparent pricing through fixed spreads and its unique deal cancellation feature, which allows traders to undo losing trades, easyMarkets provides a broad array of over 275 trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies and commodities.

    Key Features of the easyMarkets Affiliate Program

    easyMarkets offers diverse payment models to suit different affiliate needs. Affiliates can choose between a CPA model, paying up to $1,000 per referral, or a spread share model that offers 40% recurring commissions. The program also features a second-tier commission, rewarding affiliates with 10% of earnings from referred affiliates. Additional pay-per-lead and pay-per-install options are available through consultations.

    The easyMarkets affiliate program combines lucrative commission structures with strong support and innovative trading features, making it an attractive choice for affiliates focused on the Forex market.

    HF Markets Affiliate Program Overview

    HF Markets is recognized in the Forex affiliate landscape for its commitment to integrity and transparency. It offers a robust platform for affiliates who prioritize ethical business practices. The program is accessible to newcomers, requiring no initial investment to join, which lowers entry barriers and facilitates a straightforward entry into affiliate marketing.

    Key Features of the HF Markets Affiliate Program

    HF Markets offers a lucrative commission structure, providing up to $650 per CPA and $30 per lot on a Revenue Share basis and monthly bonuses of up to $5,000 for top performers. The program features a daily payout system, offering affiliates immediate access to their earnings and enhancing their financial flexibility.

    HF Markets combines high earning potential with a focus on integrity and robust support, making it an attractive option for affiliates aiming to succeed in the competitive Forex market.


    The landscape of Forex affiliate programs in 2024 offers diverse and lucrative opportunities for marketers looking to capitalize on the trading industry’s growth. From IQ Option’s impressive revenue share to BlackBull Markets’ high execution speeds and no minimum deposit requirement, each program brings unique advantages to the table. Whether you are drawn to eToro’s flexible commission structures, Exness’s daily payouts, or the educational support from Admiral Markets, the key is to choose a program that aligns with your marketing strategies and audience preferences.

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