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Top 10 Best KYC Providers in 2024 To Keep An Eye On

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Vitaly Makarenko

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April 18, 2024
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April 25, 2024
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    Adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations is not just about compliance in the financial sector; it’s a crucial step in safeguarding against fraud and money laundering. As businesses seek efficient and reliable solutions for customer verification, KYC providers have become pivotal in streamlining this process. This article explores the top 10 KYC providers in the market today, offering a detailed look at each to help businesses make informed decisions.

    List of Top 10 KYC Providers

    • Sumsub
    • Shuftipro
    • Togggle
    • Idenfy
    • Trulioo
    • Fractal ID
    • Veriff
    • Onfido
    • Seon
    • Microblink

    1. Sumsub

    Sumsub is an all-encompassing platform specializing in remote user verification, crucial for ensuring security and compliance across various industries. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, Sumsub automates identity and document verification processes, offering rapid and reliable checks that are essential for fraud prevention. Their system is particularly efficient, capable of verifying individual identities in just 60 seconds, and includes advanced features like detecting alterations in document photos.

    For corporate clients, Sumsub conducts thorough verifications that analyze a company’s commercial activities, management, and beneficiaries, tailored to specific regulatory requirements of different countries. This comprehensive approach ensures adherence to international anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and helps maintain high levels of data security. By streamlining complex verification tasks, Sumsub allows businesses to focus more on growth and customer engagement, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking robust compliance and security solutions.

    2. Shuftipro

    Shufti Pro is a leader in identity verification technology, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence to bolster KYC and AML screening processes effectively. This platform offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution for combating online fraud and identity theft, capable of verifying identities globally. Shufti Pro’s approach is designed to accommodate businesses worldwide, ensuring universal applicability and compliance with international security standards.

    The strength of Shufti Pro lies in its comprehensive data repository, which includes extensive profiles from over a thousand sanctions and watch lists maintained by various domestic and international law enforcement bodies. Additionally, the database integrates records from 3,000 databases overseen by international financial regulatory authorities and includes PEP lists in accordance with FATF requirements. These detailed checks are crucial in protecting businesses against financial threats and helping them navigate the complexities of AML regulations. Shufti Pro’s robust database ensures that businesses can operate confidently, safeguarded against potential financial penalties and reputational damage.

    3. Togggle

    Togggle is revolutionizing identity verification with its advanced, distributed infrastructure to enhance fraud prevention, ensure data protection compliance, and streamline the onboarding experience. Leveraging technology similar to blockchain, Togggle decentralizes personal data storage, offering bespoke decentralized KYC solutions that adapt to businesses’ specific needs, enhancing both security and user experience.

    Key features of Togggle’s platform include a robust Liveness Check that uses biometric analysis to ensure real-time presence during onboarding, supporting over 180 countries with its extensive database access. The platform’s user-centric design ensures seamless integration and a straightforward user experience. Notably, Togggle offers “One Click KYC” for pre-verified users and sophisticated ID document verification using MRZ technology, alongside comprehensive AML and IP checks to safeguard against financial crimes and unauthorized access. With these capabilities, Togggle is an invaluable tool for any business looking to secure and optimize its client verification processes.

    4. Idenfy

    Idenfy is celebrated for its effective identity verification services that combine ease of use, excellent customer support, and extensive customization capabilities. The platform has a straightforward setup and a user-friendly interface that enhances productivity across various teams. Its automated verification process supports diverse document types and live face identification, which speeds up onboarding and boosts accuracy, while its pricing model of pay-per-approved verification aligns costs with usage, offering potential savings for businesses.

    The platform’s adaptability allows seamless integration with existing UX/UI and backend systems, making it a preferred choice for industries requiring robust security measures, such as blockchain and cybersecurity. Additionally, Idenfy’s technology facilitates compliance with strict AML regulations and helps mitigate potential financial and infrastructural risks.

    5. Trulioo

    Trulioo, a global identity verification service provider based in Vancouver, has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry since its inception in 2011. The company stands out with a comprehensive approach to security, leveraging a vast network of over 400 reliable sources to verify customer information. This extensive database allows Trulioo to access and authenticate identities of more than 5 billion individuals worldwide, highlighting its global reach and effectiveness.

    The core of Trulioo’s offerings includes robust KYC solutions integrated within a secure digital identity network. This network enables detailed verification of various identity elements such as user addresses, documents, and accounts. Such capabilities ensure that Trulioo not only meets but exceeds the security requirements necessary for comprehensive identity verification, affirming its 

    6. Fractal ID

    Fractal ID, a product of the German fintech firm Fractal, is recognized for its exceptional performance in the KYC/AML service sector. It boasts a conversion rate 40% higher than industry standards. This platform is designed to provide quick and accurate global verification, making it a valuable tool for businesses needing to adhere to stringent regulatory standards.

    Utilizing advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and facial recognition technologies, Fractal ID efficiently verifies passports and national IDs, ensuring high accuracy and security. The platform fully complies with GDPR, ensuring that user data is handled with the utmost respect for privacy and regulatory requirements. Fractal ID supports various levels of verification, each of which can be further customized with add-ons to suit different business needs. This flexibility allows users to control the amount of data they share, tailoring the interaction process according to specific requirements and enhancing the overall user experience with Fractal ID.

    7. Veriff

    Veriff stands out as a promising new entrant in the identity verification industry. It offers streamlined solutions designed to enhance fraud prevention and ensure compliance with KYC regulations. Veriff’s platform facilitates customer online enrollment by efficiently verifying various forms of identification, including ID cards, passports, and driving licenses.

    The strength of Veriff lies in its ability to deliver real-time results, allowing businesses to authenticate identities and reduce onboarding times quickly. The platform is distinguished by its flexible pricing models, which cater separately to enterprise and premium users, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Veriff offers white-label services, allowing clients to brand the identity verification process as their own, which enhances customer trust and maintains consistency in user experience. This combination of speed, pricing flexibility, and customization options positions Veriff as a competitive choice for companies looking to streamline their verification processes efficiently.

    8. Onfido

    Onfido, a prominent English company, specializes in online user identification services utilizing facial biometrics to provide secure verification. Favored by popular cryptocurrency exchanges and financial organizations, Onfido is known for its robust solutions that facilitate compliance with KYC regulations and enhance fraud prevention efforts.

    Onfido’s verification system requires users to undergo a two-step process for enhanced security. Initially, users must present a valid document, such as a passport or driver’s license, which displays their photo and identifiable details in Latin script. This ensures that all personal and document data are verified for authenticity. In the subsequent step, users must use a webcam to take a high-quality photo of their face. Onfido’s advanced artificial intelligence then compares the document photo with the webcam photo to verify identity in real-time. If the AI confirms a match, the user successfully passes the identification process, showcasing Onfido’s commitment to accuracy and security in identity verification.

    9. Seon

    SEON stands out in the KYC and AML technology sector as one of the most effective, flexible, and comprehensive solutions available, especially in the realms of cryptocurrency exchanges and the Forex market. The company is dedicated to preventing money laundering through a robust suite of tools designed to rigorously monitor and analyze user activity.

    SEON’s unique customer identification program is central to its operation, enabling the detection of suspicious behavior by keeping a vigilant watch over online activities and media presence. This proactive approach helps identify potential threats before they can affect the financial systems. Furthermore, SEON offers an extensive array of analytics tools that allow businesses to delve deep into user activity, providing valuable insights that enhance security measures and regulatory compliance. The flexibility of SEON’s technology ensures that it can adapt to the unique needs of various businesses, providing tailored solutions that enhance both security and operational efficiency.

    10. Microblink

    Microblink stands out in the identity verification market with its state-of-the-art KYC solutions, renowned for their speed and comprehensive coverage. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, Microblink’s BlinkID is engineered to verify over 2,500 ID documents from more than 170 countries, offering a five times faster solution than alternative options.

    BlinkID not only speeds up the verification process but also enhances security with its ability to detect spoofing or forgery attempts. It incorporates 45 comprehensive fraud checks, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in identity verification. This robust system is benchmarked to perform significantly faster than its competitors, making it a preferred choice for businesses that require efficient and secure identity verification solutions. Additionally, Microblink caters to a wide range of technological preferences and needs, supporting Android, iOS, Flutter SDKs, and offering both cloud-hosted and self-hosted API options. 


    Choosing the right KYC provider is crucial for businesses aiming to ensure compliance, enhance security, and improve customer satisfaction. Each of the top 10 KYC providers listed here offers unique strengths, making them leaders in the market. Whether you prioritize technological innovation, global coverage, or user experience, there is a provider that meets your specific needs. By integrating advanced KYC solutions, businesses can protect themselves from financial crimes while enhancing their operational efficiency.

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